Alliance Introduces New Standard for Sexual Abuse Prevention, Intervention

Three national organizations combatting child sexual abuse (CSA) are working together to support and enhance federal government policies and procedures that will make CSA prevention a national priority.

Darkness to Light, Stop It Now! and Prevent Child Abuse America have created the CSA Prevention Alliance to introduce a new national standard for CSA prevention and intervention. The Alliance supports federal agencies in finding ways to integrate child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention policies and practices into schools, child/youth-serving organizations, law enforcement agencies and other federally funded programs.

Due in part to the ongoing investigations and legal proceedings at Penn State, the public is voicing outrage at the lack of protection of children by adults in roles of responsibility. “The Penn State revelations have brought the issue of child sexual abuse to the forefront of national public consciousness for the first time,” said Jolie Logan of Darkness to Light. “This provides an unprecedented opportunity to create real and lasting change in how we, as a society, protect children.”

Federal efforts such as the Department of Health and Human Service’s Federal Interagency Work Group on Child Abuse and Neglect  and the Justice Department’s Defending Childhood Initiative are encouraging. The Alliance seeks to assist more federal agencies to find ways to integrate CSA prevention policies and practices into all child/youth-serving organizations and professions. As participants in the National Coalition to Prevent Child Abuse and Exploitation, the Alliance also works to support the National Plan to Prevent the Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children (

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