McQueary Files Suit Against Penn State

Mike McQueary, the former graduate assistant who reported seeing former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky showering with a young boy, has filed a defamation suit against Penn State, The Associated Press reports. His lawsuit seeks millions in damages and revolves around his treatment since Sandusky's arrest last November.

According to the suit, McQueary was made a scapegoat and Penn State's then-president Graham Spanier suggested that McQueary "was lying in his reports and testimonies that he had reported the sexual misconduct." McQueary's contract with Penn State was not renewed, and he was a key witness for the prosecution in Sandusky's trial this summer.

McQueary's suit claims that he was "irreparably harmed" by statements made by Spanier in a meeting immediately after Sandusky's arrest, and it has hampered his ability to earn a living in his chosen profession, which is coaching football. McQueary witnessed the sexual abuse of the young boy in 2001, and reported it to then head coach Joe Paterno, who reported it to athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz.

According to a series of emails that have been leaked too the press, the three men first considered turning Sandusky over to the police, then chose instead to speak to Sandusky. Spanier, who had been advised of the situation and the ensuing decision, publicly expressed support for Curley and Schultz. Both men continue to maintain their innocence while they await trial; Curley has been placed on leave and Schultz has retired.

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