NJ Senate Postpones Vote on Child Sexual Abuse Bill

Voting on a bill to eliminate the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse cases in New Jersey was postponed earlier this week when one of the bill's sponsors feared they lacked enough votes to pass the initiative. The bill, which would end a limit on when sexual abuse victims could sue their attackers, had been strongly protested by the Catholic Church. 

Sen. Joseph Vitale noted that seven members were missing from Monday's session, and after questioning members, Vitale was concerned he would not reach the required 21 votes needed to pass the bill.

The present law allows victims just two years after "reasonable discovery" of their abuse to file suit. The new bill not only eliminates that two-year period, but also makes any religious, charitable and educational organization responsible for sexual abuse that occurs within their foundation. 

The Catholic Church has rallied hard against the bill, complaining that such a bill would incur huge financial burdens for incidents that happened years earlier. 


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