Help Parents Find Justice for Their Sexually Abused Son

When the 2-year-old Iowa boy made comments like “Grandma plays with my pee-pee,” his parents initially dismissed it as something that happened when his diaper was being changed. After all, what grandmother would touch a toddler like that? It had to be a misunderstanding, right?

Sure, they noticed certain behaviors that they found “odd,” but always found a way to ¬†explain them away. But by the time he was 3, the parents noticed more strange behavior, and when he used the word “pecker,” they asked him where he had learned this word.

What followed was a parent’s worst nightmare. Their young son detailed stories of “games” he and grandma played while she babysat him, and learned of “rewards” she used to buy his silence. The parents immediately contacted police and a search warrant was issued; the grandmother’s home was raided, and evidence was collected. The police felt certain the child was telling the truth, and that a case existed.

Today, more than six months later, that evidence still sits unprocessed and the county attorney is dragging his feet, claiming that it’s “difficult” to press charges based on the words of a 3-year-old. Without photos, the attorney claims, it’s difficult to prove. The parents have started an online petition, demanding that charges be pressed, and the voices of the victim and witnesses can be heard.

If you believe this grandmother should be held accountable for the sexual abuse of her grandson, please sign this petition and demand that a jury — not the county attorney — decide her guilt or innocence.

Go here to sign the petition and let this child’s voice be heard.

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2 Responses to Help Parents Find Justice for Their Sexually Abused Son

  • Lydia Leek says:

    What child would make up stories like that at that age. Its not possible if these games hadn’t happened. They need to do something to make her accountable for what she has done to your child.

  • Morris Aaronson says:

    I am sharing this letter to the world so all will know who these people are and what they have done to me so that it is known and out there for all to see and read. I have been dealing with this issue for many years since I was eight. It has made me really sad and disappointed in myself that it took well into my teenage years to stop it. First, how many of you know how many pedophiles are not registered and live with or around you? That is a scary thought, isn’t it? Most of them get away with it because their victims are either too scared to say something or forced to keep quiet by family so there isn’t any repercussion for the disgusting actions others have imposed on them. It’s like you are forced to do something that haunts you for the rest of your life. When you tell your family members they either don’t believe you or already know and don’t care about it. Well, that’s what happened to me by both my grandfather and his daughter, my aunt, who would both use alcohol and drugs to seduce me as a child into having sex with them. When I told my grandmother (his wife) she called me a liar and didn’t even bat an eye to it. When I told the rest of my family they didn’t even make a phone call to voice their opinion to them or the authorities. Even after my father told my mother that he was abused by his father (my grandfather) during marriage consulting, she still insisted that I live with my abusive grandfather at a young age. You never know who really lives next door or who you are friends with. Most victims like myself take years, if not decades, to realize that it’s not your fault. It’s not! I know that now myself. I hope that all of you know and understand what they did and who they are. Remember you deserve to know who lives around you even if they are not on some pedophile registry. I want to encourage others to voice out so they can expose their abuser’s as well. I am who I am and nothing will change or heal the scars that I face every day when I look into the mirror. It will just take a load off your mind knowing that you said and did something about it. Share this and make it known to others so they will also come to terms with it and express their feelings and misfortune. If you or a family member is like me and has no one to turn to, like myself, then share this story with as many people as possible. Thank you for reading and remember we all need to share this, share our stories and expose these disgusting human beings that are getting away with the worst crime you can possibly do to another human being.

    Morris Aaronson

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