Help Parents Find Justice for Their Sexually Abused Son

When the 2-year-old Iowa boy made comments like “Grandma plays with my pee-pee,” his parents initially dismissed it as something that happened when his diaper was being changed. After all, what grandmother would touch a toddler like that? It had to be a misunderstanding, right?

Sure, they noticed certain behaviors that they found “odd,” but always found a way to ¬†explain them away. But by the time he was 3, the parents noticed more strange behavior, and when he used the word “pecker,” they asked him where he had learned this word.

What followed was a parent’s worst nightmare. Their young son detailed stories of “games” he and grandma played while she babysat him, and learned of “rewards” she used to buy his silence. The parents immediately contacted police and a search warrant was issued; the grandmother’s home was raided, and evidence was collected. The police felt certain the child was telling the truth, and that a case existed.

Today, more than six months later, that evidence still sits unprocessed and the county attorney is dragging his feet, claiming that it’s “difficult” to press charges based on the words of a 3-year-old. Without photos, the attorney claims, it’s difficult to prove. The parents have started an online petition, demanding that charges be pressed, and the voices of the victim and witnesses can be heard.

If you believe this grandmother should be held accountable for the sexual abuse of her grandson, please sign this petition and demand that a jury — not the county attorney — decide her guilt or innocence.

Go here to sign the petition and let this child’s voice be heard.

Please share this message. Silence is a pedophile's best friend.

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