Rising Reports of Sexual Abuse Send Parents in Search of Information

With new reports about sexual abuse cases making both local and national headlines on a nearly daily basis, parents are on high alert, claims a story in the Boston Globe. A topic that has, for years, been kept quiet is being pushed to the forefront, and parents are taking note.

One year after Jerry Sandusky was arrested for child sexual abuse, the landscape has changed dramatically. Institutions like the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America have been implicated for protecting child molesters within their ranks, and the need for information and education is stronger than ever. Instead of convincing themselves that this could not happen to their child, parents are taking time to educate themselves about predators and to learn how to protect their children from child molesters. 

If there is anything positive that has come from the Sandusky case, it's that it has permanently changed our willingness to talk publicly about child sexual abuse. And that has given victims the courage to stand up, speak up – and see their perpetrators be punished for their crimes.

If you are a parent or adult who is interested in learning more about prevention, please check out our booklet, "Pedophiles Don't Discriminate: How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse." Published by the Sexual Abuse Resource Network, this concise but informative book teaches parents how to talk to a child about sexual abuse (regardless of the child's age!), how to identify signs of possible sexual abuse, what to say to a child you suspect is being molested and what to do if you discover a child is being sexually abused. 

In addition, this book offers a resource section with recommended books and websites to further assist with education, prevention and sexual abuse recovery. Best of all, it is available for just 99 cents and you can buy it here.

For more information, you can also visit the Pedophiles Don't Discriminate website.


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