Tulsa Police Report Rise in Sexual Abuse Cases

The Jerry Sandusky case will forever be recognized as a turning point in the way that child sexual abuse cases are reported. In the wake of that scandal, calls to sexual abuse hotlines/helplines increased dramatically, and it appears that reports to police are on the rise as well.

The Tulsa World reports that Tulsa police have already investigated more child sexual abuse cases so far this year than in all of 2011, and  last month alone, they investigated 147 cases of child sexual and/or physical abuse. In August, they followed up on 160 reports. Within the Catholic Church, a church-sponsored audit showed that reports of sexual abuse cases rose 15 percent last year – and many of those were cases where the victims now were adults. 

If we are to make anything good of the Sandusky case, it is going to be that we change our hesitancy to discuss the topic of child sexual abuse. We are going to learn to respond immediately, to report questionable behavior and to protect our children at all costs. Innocence doesn't get a second chance.


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